The Highlight Film visually showcases the special moments of your day set to music.  It usually runs 3-5 minutes which is the average length of a song. This is a great video to share with your family and friends via social media.

Along with the Highlight Film, you also get the full-length version of your ceremony and major events of your reception.  

We typically arrive an hour and a half before the beginning of the ceremony to capture the final preparations and pre-wedding photo shoots.  We stay up to 3 hours during the reception to capture the major events (grand entrance, first dances, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss) and capture some of the general dancing.

“Highlight Lite” is an alternative version of this package. It is limited to 1 Location with 2 cameras and 1 Videographer for up to 5 hours of time.  Because of these limitations, we can offer it at a lower price.  

The final video is offered as a compressed file in high definition. After receiving your video files, we suggest you copy your files to more than one location immediately, that way, the video is kept for backup purposes in at least 2 separate locations. After we deliver it to you we keep your footage for at least 3 months. We can save your final videos for an additional $75 for 10 years, as a further precaution. This way, you won’t lose your wedding footage if there is a problem (fire, robbery, computer crash, etc ..).

Some couples rather give their family/friends a copy of their wedding video on a disc. We can compress your video to fit on a disc, and create a disc for $50. Each supplementary disc is $10.


  • Extra Song: Extend your video by using two different songs. ($150)
  • Extended coverage: Arrive earlier or stay later. ($75/hr)
  • Aerial shots: (Starting at $75) 
  • Slideshow: Personal photos to show during the reception. (Starting at $100)
  • Love Story Video: Document your Love Story. (Starting at $450)
  • Same-day Edit: Show your wedding video during your reception. (Starting at $450)
  • Additional Team Member/Camera: More cameras mean more angles. ($250)

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