Slideshows at your reception or in the open house are fun to reveal. There are a few ways to show them:

  1. Run the slideshow on a loop.  This allows guests to view the show at their leisure.
  2. Show the slideshow once as part of your program.  This way everybody watches the show together with music.
  3. If your package includes a same-day edit, your video and Love Story can be played along with the slideshow.

Step 1 – Choose approximately 50 of your favorite photos. This can be 20 of the Bride growing up, 20 of the Groom growing up and 10 of them together or 15 of each of them separately and 20 of them together, etc. How you split it up is up to you.  If you have more than 50, that is fine, but it will cost $1 extra per photo.

Step 2 – Number the photos from 1 to 50 in the order you want them played. (Some people choose to play all the bride set to one song, then all the groom’s set to another song, and then the couple together set to a 3rd song. Other choose to alternate 1 of the groom, 1 of the bride, etc.)

Step 3 – Decide how you are going to show the video. Do you want me to make it a looping video that you can keep playing on a TV or Projector during the reception? Or will you just play it once as part of the program of the reception?

Step 4 – Send them to me at least 2 weeks before the event. Here are some options for getting them to me:

  • Email me the photos. No more than 25 MB per email. You can also use a file attachment program like wetransferyousendit etc…
  • Give me or Mail me a disc or thumb drive with the photos on them.
  • Give me or Mail me the actual prints. I will scan the photos and return them to you.

Step 5 – Choose and send me the music you wish to have playing during the slideshow.  Something to consider: If you will have the video playing on a loop all evening, you might not want audio on it at all.